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Serving Our Youth Population in a Fallen World

KIC (Keep it Christian) Bible Studies for Girls Ages 9-17 

KIC is held every Monday night and lead by Emily Foley. At our community Christian church, the girls partake in a Bible study that is geared to their interests as young females, which lend to be inspiring, motivational, and encouraging. Girls experience a whole gamut of changes throughout their adolescents, and the pressures of the world can seem suffocating and confusing. KIC offers a safe, biblical place for the Word of God to be shared, explored and applied into their lives. The girls gain a sense of confidence and renewed hope with their Father watching over them and learning about His love for them.

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During these years in a girl’s life is a critical time to explore and get a better understanding of her relationship with her Heavenly Father. Instilling God’s truth into their being can be used to safeguard from the lies, temptations and pressures of peers and media. Guidance through relationships, family issues, circumstances and self-purpose is also provided through lessons, learning God’s Word and prayer, bringing the girls a closer connection with the Christian church.

Subjects have included:

  •        Getting to Know God
  •        Compassion
  •        Standards
  •        God’s Great Plans for You
  •        Godly Relationships
  •        Being Grateful
  •        Summer Series: Fruit of the Spirit

The girls participate in the Bible study, an activity and fellowship including yummy food. The Pastor’s wife also pops into the study sessions once and a while and they may go out locally for pizza, outreach and fellowship.


At the Potter’s House Youth Crew our aim is to bring youth together in a fun, relaxed environment where they can learn about the glory and wonder of God. We believe that in Jesus Christ, and what he did for us on the cross, lies the hope for our souls; that no one is too young to experience a life changing encounter with Jesus. Our hope is that all who attend Youth Crew will develop a personal, lasting relationship with Jesus, causing them to be lights in the often dark world around them.

A typical night at Youth Crew consists of us eating and hanging out for the first 30-45 minutes, followed by a simple lesson from a Bible passage, with discussion and input from the youth encouraged! Once completed we close with prayer. Youth are encouraged to hang out afterwards as a snack or dessert is provided, as well as games and activities.

We welcome any young people from our community that are in 6th grade through 12th grade. We meet the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month, 7:00pm at the MacStage on 3rd St. 

For any questions feel free to contact Aaron Gaeta at 541.554.1235. Calls or texts are welcome.

We are one of the local Christian churches investing in our teenagers to create a healthy environment for them to be on Friday nights. Memories and friendships are made, creating a stronger bond in the Christian family church among the youth.



This is one of our best enterprises for outreach as well as discipleship that we have to offer.  Every Saturday music from one of our own homegrown Christian bands shares its own brand of musical genre and most importantly, the lyrics and impact / feel are expressions of their love for Christ.  True stories of changed lives are called to the stage several times throughout the scene. Improv and Comedy at times are a welcome addition to the mix as well as video presentation. Special guest bands or theme nights are events we all look forward to.  Some we have enjoyed in the past are: R & B Open Mic Competitions, 80’s Night, 50’s Night, Reggae Competitions, Benefit Concerts, Acoustic Christmas Open Mic, theatrical productions, Celtic Open Mic, and more. A snack bar offering coffee, assorted drinks and snacks is available before and during the hour-long ministry and folks are encouraged to stay afterward for conversation with visitors. 


We would love to hear from you and to answer any questions you have about our Christian Fellowship Church, our ministries and services. 

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205 NE Galloway St. McMinnville, Oregon

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