A Life Set Free

A Life Set Free

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The Testimony of Joff Harnett

I grew up going to church and acting religious. I was very hypocritical. I would act one way at church and around my parents and act in a completely different way when I was alone or with friends. In short, I was religious, self-righteous, prideful, full of anger, full of lust, twisted, rebellious, depressed. I was tormented with always being fake and PRETENDING all the time.

“Pride was my biggest holdup”

I tried to change my bad habits on my own just by being a better person and it never worked. I finally surrendered my PRIDE. I went to an altar at church and admitted my sin (that I was at fault, and wrong before God) and asked Jesus to change me. I could never be the man I am today without Jesus stepping into my life at a critical time at a young age. 

Who I am TODAY

I am married to an amazing woman. Have two wonderful daughters and a son on the way. I have peace with God knowing I am right with him. None of this would have been possible without Jesus forgiving me, cleansing me and changing me.

“Jesus made me brand new, broke addictions, gave me a purpose, gave me joy, and a reason to live.”


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