McMinnville Potter's House Events

Pioneer Rally

Join us every September for a powerful two-day event of sermons to inspire the disciples, workers, couples, teens, and elders to persevere in doing God’s work. The Pioneer Rally brings in folks from our churches from the Northwest region: Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Northern California.

The directive of the Rally is to follow through with the Potter’s House vision and mission, to “go into all the world to preach the gospel to every creature.” The fire of the Holy Spirit comes to life in this Rally, as we are gathering together to reach out to our regions. The Pioneer Rally is an opportunity for our Northwest area churches to stay connected, since we are a fellowship of over 2,500 churches worldwide! Staying on fire for God and His purpose is key in our Christian walk.

Friday Night Bible Study

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! Every other Friday night we gather in homes across McMinnville to share insights into the Bible, personal stories and homemade snacks.

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Alien Day Parade

Visit us for the yearly Alien Daze 3-day celebration in McMinnville. We love to have fun so come and enjoy with us face painting, raffles and prizes, a bouncy house, music and comedy, plus free lunch! Make sure to check out the Potter’s House float in the traditional Alien Daze Parade.

Take part in this town’s UFO fever with us – right at the Potter’s House in the parking lot.

Services Available for Our McMinnville Christian Church Members

Free Marriage Counseling and Individual Counseling with Pastor Foley.

Providing sound, godly wisdom and biblical truth to help you, your spouse and loved ones through relationship issues, conflict, communication, emotional problems, depression, anxiety, stress, financial strife, and struggles with addiction.

Marriage Retreat, Northwest

Every year in February, married couples are invited to partake in a Marriage Retreat held at the Vancouver, Washington Hilton. This is a wonderful time to spend with your spouse learning what God has to say and how He gets involved in your marriage, your relationship, intimacy and affection.

This yearly event is free and open to the public. Throughout the year Pastor Foley preaches sermons on marriage and family in the McMinnville church and is also available to help counsel your marriage, free of charge.  

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Christian Church Services Near Me, McMinnville

Come and experience the Truth, the Way and the Life as Jesus taught. We offer services at convenient times to provide plenty of opportunity to worship and praise with Christian church songs, serve others through fellowship, pray and get a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Sunday School Services – 9:30am Sundays

Understand God’s Word as it was intended and learn how to apply Biblical lessons to your everyday life to get a closer relationship with God and how to live a Christian lifestyle according to God’s Will for your life.

  •        Sunday School Classes are available for all ages (3-18 years)
  •        Adult Bible Class offers in-depth Bible study series on various topics
  •        Spanish Adult Bible Class available for Spanish speakers

Morning Christian Church Service – 10:30 AM and Christian Church Evening Service – 6:30 PM

At The Potter’s House, our lively worship services are Pentecostal in nature, featuring music, praise, Bible-based preaching with fresh sermons for each service, ministry and prayer for individual needs.

Parkland Retirement Center Worship Service 3:30pm

Offering Christian church service to the assisted living community at our local Parkland Village. Come and join as we bring worship and praise, Bible-based sermon and prayer to residents at Parkland Village. Fellowship with us  and make new friends!

Mid-week Power and Praise Service – 7:00pm Wednesdays

Living in the world is challenging and demanding. Step back into our church in the middle of the week to hear the Word of God and to feel alive with hope again. Service is praise and worship with a fresh sermon and prayer for individual needs.


We would love to hear from you and to answer any questions you have about our Christian Fellowship Church, our ministries and services. 

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205 NE Galloway St. McMinnville, Oregon

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