Doreen Forsey – Her Church Taught Her to Have Faith in Her God Who Brings Forth Life

Doreen Forsey – Her Church Taught Her to Have Faith in Her God Who Brings Forth Life

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Our God provides hope in our own unique desperate situations. In times such as these it is tempting to pop online to enter into our own search for “is God real?”, “How do I pray”, or “Christian churches near me”.  There are many who seek to find answers to hard questions, guidance and direction is confusing scenarios, and hope when all seems lost.

As a woman, newly married, Doreen Forsey was excited for her new life as a wife and what she thought, soon-to-be mom. She soon found out that God had different plans for her. What is amazing about Doreen’s story is her strong faith in her God. Because of her connection with her Christian Church, she knew encouraging people who believed in a miracle working God.

Doreen had the wisdom to believe in the promises that God teaches in the Bible and claimed them for her life and her baby.

Read on to learn more about the trials this woman and her husband faced when faith was tested and what she and her husband did when hope seemed to be taken from her in such a quick instant.

My God Can do Anything…

One day I was reading the news online and saw one reader’s comment that hit home for me. She was sharing how she conceived her second child miraculously after doctors had told her she would never be able to. 

One comment beneath hers that really spoke to me read “Why is it surprising that this happened to you?”  I pictured this commenter as a person of faith.

Excited, but not surprised, that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! The article was one of several things that encouraged me to believe God for my own miracle. Here is my testimony and I hope as you read this you will get inspired to believe God for anything.

I got married in 2000. We decided to wait a year before expanding our family. A year came and we started trying to get pregnant. We were surprised to find out after a year we were not even close to being pregnant!  We went to the doctor and were both tested to see if there was anything wrong with us.

The report came back: “Nothing is wrong. You guys are still young; keep trying.”

The Test of Time

I was upset because I was hoping there would be something to fix quickly so we could move on. After 11 years down the road, seeing 10 doctors, spending so much money and time, we were not even close to having a child.  We saw many fertility specialists and when they start shaking their heads, you know you’re in big trouble. That’s exactly what it came down to; no one had answers and they seemed to suggest we should end our efforts to conceive.

This journey began in my late 20’s and I found myself in my late 30’s, still not pregnant. My biological time clock was ticking!!!

We kept hoping and standing on God’s Word because he has the final say in our lives.

We believed him for his ability to change our hopeless situation and fulfill His Will in our lives.”

I begged my husband to see one more doctor.  After reviewing our medical records, he was shocked to find out I had tried some of very strongest drugs without success. These drugs often caused women to conceive multiples when they take them!

The doctor told me he didn’t have any new tricks and it would take “the man upstairs” for me to conceive.

Through Faith, God Got Involved

He was right. It took God’s hand for me to conceive. I conceived in December 2011. I told the news to one of the doctors I had last seen. She couldn’t believe me, and she even asked me not to get excited about it!  I was now seeing ‘’high risk pregnancy” doctors since I conceived after age 35 yrs.

When Hope Seemed Lost

Nine weeks into my pregnancy, we were given shocking news. They told us our baby wasn’t going to make it and predicted awful things that could be afflicting our baby, gathered from information obtained via ultrasound.


We were told not to return to the clinic until after two weeks and to be prepared for the worst; not to be surprised if there was no heartbeat when we returned.  They gave us little hope.  They said it was rare for the ultrasound to look the way it did and have everything turn out okay.

When in Desperation, Turn to God, Pray and Believe in a Miracle


We went home in desperation for another miracle to take place. My husband contacted our pastor and his wife and two other couples from church and they came to our house to pray with us. We also contacted another pastor friend in Wisconsin to plead with God for our miracle.


The next day I called the doctor’s office to schedule an appt for Friday. I wanted to see if God had done anything after praying for three days. I was too restless to wait two weeks after they had told me I could lose the baby and still feel pregnant! Besides praying, we praised God for the perfect report we were going to receive. We applied the blood of Jesus over the baby by faith and spoke the living word of God to our baby. 

Our friend, Pastor Mngodo in Wisconsin called us Thursday night to pray with us before we went in Friday morning.

” I want you to get some rest tonight. When you go in there tomorrow, they will find nothing wrong with the baby. You will have a perfect ultrasound.”


THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: I slept well that night. I felt peace in my heart. We woke up Friday morning and thanked God for answering our prayers. I felt like my heart was about to drop on the floor as I was walking towards the room where the ultrasound was going to be done. I prayed quietly and encouraged myself that everything would be all right.

The ultrasound was performed by a technician.  A few minutes later, the doctor walked into the room with a puzzled look on her face and said,” I didn’t expect this!”  She then told us she was with another doctor watching the ultrasound, something they normally don’t do. They were so worried about the baby they decided to view the ultrasound live so they could prepare themselves to deliver the worst news to us. 

A Miracle Granted and Hope Restored

God moved; the ultrasound was perfect! As a matter of fact, my baby was so active, they had fun watching her! All check-ups were normal after that. I had uncomplicated pregnancy for 40 weeks and delivered a healthy baby.

Imani Lauren Forsey 8lbs 10 oz, 20.5 inches, a long-awaited perfect and gorgeous gift from God, born September 3, 2012. I couldn’t be happier. I can believe God for anything; so can you.

God bless you.

Doreen Forsey

The Trials in Life Can Be a Gift from God

Throughout life, as humans, we face many battles and challenges, some harder than others. The real challenge is to learn where to place your trust. Through storms, through trials, through hardships, God is so gracious to perform miracles so that we can see Him and learn to trust Him, as well as give Him all the glory for what He has done and to share the good news with others.

At the Potter’s House, Our Faith Gives Life

The best Christian church is one that preaches the miracle, saving power of Jesus Christ. Jesus sets us free from our sins as we learn to turn our heart over to our loving God. Our God wants to help us, to encourage us, support us, to create in us a clean heart and to be a new creation is Christ.

God loves us so much that He sent His only son to die for us to save us from the perils of life in the world, to give us new hope.

God is pleased with His children who seek Him in any situation. It is far too easy to try to take life by the horns and to try to control the situation we are in, but that is when trouble hits as life gets more and more out of control. When we surrender and let God step in, we know that our lives are in good hands and His purpose for us is far greater than we could ever imagine.

Doreen took much courage to share her personal struggle with the heartache of not conceiving for 11 years. Though with her faith, her husband, her pastor, and her friends at her Christian Church and knowing the Word of God and His promises, Doreen never gave up hope.


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