Bible Classes 9:30am (all ages)
Morning Worship 10:30 am
Evening Worship 6:30 pm
Children’s Church 6:30 pm


Evening Worship 7:00pm


Servicios en Español 7:00pm

Pastor Perez para Español  

Contact: 503.857.7419

Nursery is provided for children under the age of 3 during all services


Of all the churches in McMinnville Oregon and all kinds of Christian churches in the area, we want to be sure that you can find us without issue. Here are some straightforward directions to easily find the McMinnville Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church. We are conveniently located right off Galloway Street in hopes to be your nearest Christian church that you come to love and join.

Our church is located on the corner of 2nd Street and Galloway, just a short walk from 3rd Street (our main downtown street) and the Post Office.  Right across from a big vacant gravel parking lot, which is ours!

We are a Christian church preaching God’s Word straight from the bible

We offer many Christian church ministries for you and your family to take part in, including Christian Spanish church for our Spanish-speaking neighbors. We welcome you, your friends and family to come to our Christian church services, to hear the Word of God and for your life to be fulfilled with His everlasting love.

We are happy to assist and to offer guidance with any questions you may have. Your walk with God and your “life – set – free” starts here. Let Him pick up the broken pieces and the Potter will lovingly and carefully put you back together again, (so much better than who you used to be.)

“Arise and go to the Potter’s House and there I will cause you to hear my words!” Jeremiah 18:2

“The vessel was broken…and the potter made it again…as it seemed good to him Jeremiah 18.4


We would love to hear from you and to answer any questions you have about our Christian Fellowship Church, our ministries and services. 

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205 NE Galloway St McMinnville, Oregon

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